Book outlets

  • Gay’s the Word Lesbian and Gay Bookshop Independent bookshop in London with a good stock of pro-diversity children’s books. Website has a list of books for children, or ring them to get a copy: 0207 278 7654.
  • Letterbox Library
    ‘Celebrating equality and diversity in the best children’s books’. Mail order catalogue. On their website, look in ‘Families’ and also ‘Gender equality’. Autumn 07 Catalogue 92 included an article on lesbian and gay representations for early years and primary, and they recommend If I Had a Hundred Mummies amongst other titles.
  • Learn to Include
    Early childhood education material (readers) that include same sex parent families. My House, Going to Fair Day, The Rainbow Cubby House and Koalas on Parade – easy-to-read books which include same sex parent families. Written by an Australian primary school student and her lesbian mum (who could not find any readers featuring same-sex families to donate to her daughter’s school). Bright and happy, and given the thumbs up by year one students and teachers, what better way to show children that every family is important.’  There is also a teachers’ manual.
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