Get involved

Parents can:

  • Make a scrapbook for your child telling the story of who they are and who is in their family
  • Take a book that includes LGBT families along to the playgroup, nursery or school
  • Get a jigsaw made with a picture of your family, saying “Child’s name and her mums, parents’ names”. Make two and give one to your nursery or school. See Fotopic website.
  • Talk to childcare and teaching staff about how you want them to talk with your child and the other children in their care about these issues, e.g. what will they say if another child says “Everyone has a daddy”; “You can’t have two mummies”

Nurseries, playgroups and schools can:

  • Make sure your policy documents include LGBT parents explicitly in any statement of openness and non-discrimination
  • Make a visible indication of welcome to LGBT parents, to give them confidence to come out to staff, parents and children
  • Equally recognise and welcome both parents
  • Think about how various special days (e.g. Mothers Day, Fathers Day) and festivals be dealt with in an inclusive way for children from all kinds of family
  • Make sure you have books and other play materials that reflect a diversity of family forms
  • Make it clear that you expect and support staff to challenge comments reflecting prejudice against lesbians and gay men and their children, whether from children, parents or other staff members
  • Ensure that staff have opportunities to discuss issues of sexuality, different kinds of families, their own attitudes, and how to challenge homophobia
  • Include these issues in staff training and development
  • Make sure that staff know the law and government policy around these issues, e.g. that Section 28 has been repealed and their duties under the Equality Act 2010

Anyone can:

Contact us. Out For Our Children needs nursery workers, primary school teachers, writers, illustrators, designers and other creative people to join with them to develop positive resources for nurseries and schools – including children’s books, posters and music CDs.